Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural to want to know more before booking us in to add that wow factor to your festival or event.

Below are the main questions that we seem to get asked, but if you have anything at all that you would like to know please get in touch and we’ll get back to you. To display the answer of a question, click on the question itself.

Ordering Flags:

What size are your flags?
Every flag is handmade and there is a wide range of shapes and sizes. We don’t use set templates for our flags but The large festival flags range from 18ft long to 9ft wide and the event flags 25ft long to 5ft wide. All our flags are suitable for both self and crew installation.

What colours do you do?
To this the answer is what colours do you want? Our Festival and Event Flags come in a huge variety of colours from deep reds and blues to more subtle whites and creams. Often the Flags won’t just be in one colour, with a blue flag for example having a range of blues within the one design. In terms of installation they are often colour co-ordinated; we don’t just throw a load of colours together but rather use flags in a similar shade that work together and compliment each other and the particular area of installation in your festival or arena.

Can I order the exact coulours the match my event?
Yes we can make flags for you in any colours you need.

Can I order a set number of flags?
This is of course no problem. With both our crew install and self install options you are more than welcome to select the exact number of flags you need along with the colour range and size required.

Installing the Flags:

Can I install the flag on sand?
You can indeed, in fact they look spectacular on the beach with a back drop of the sea and sky and there is always plenty of wind to make them fly. The spikes used to secure the flags in the ground is suitable for set up in earth and grass but works brilliantly in shingle, snow and sand.

Can I install the flags on concrete?
Where it is not possible to insert the flagpoles and spikes into the ground the next best way is to use a strong and durable ratchet strap attached to any secure upright object (for example a pole, post or fence).

Is it safe to have people and children running in-between the flags?
The flag set up is very secure and we are used by many of the top festivals in the UK and Ireland; many of which have children present (or drunk young people which may be even more accident prone!). Having said this we of course advise that care be taken and that nobody, child or adult should be climbing on or playing with the flags after they are installed.

Can the flags be displayed indoors?
Not our Festival Flags but we do have a range of Event Flags that are suitable for indoor use. Please get in touch for more information.

Is possible to collect the flags ourselves before our event?
We have a a list of trusted couriers to get the flags where you need them to be but if you would like to collect then this is also no problem. Get in touch to organise or for further information.

How big is the box of flags?
This really depends on the flags you order but if you are ordering Event Flags they generally fit on the back of your car. For Festival Flags sizes are higher so a van would be needed.

Will the flags leave damage to the ground after they have been taken out?
The custom made spikes and installation system was designed with this in mind and is aimed at getting your event looking great with minimal impact or damage to the grounds on which they are placed. If you have concerns in this area then we are more than happy to communicate with your venue and even send out a sample of the ground spike so that it can be tested in a discreet area before the event. (p&p charges to consider).

Using the Flags:

How can I clean the flags if one gets muddy?
In our unpredictable weather this can happen. The best way is to first take the flag down (carefully). Once down you can sponge it off with warm soapy water or if it is seriously dirty then remove the flag from the pole and immerse it fully in warm soapy water.

Will the flags fly with no wind?
The tension applied during set up will ensure that the flags look at their best even in a wind free environment. While they may not flap and fly with the correct installation they will always appear upright and keep their shape.

Can there be too much wind?
Our self install flags are tested to perform in wind speeds of up to 26 mph which is stringer than the average. With our Crew install option this is higher at up to 50mph (subject to ground beings suitable). If a really really big storm does blow then the flags (along with other parts of your event) may need to be taken down and laid flat until after the weather has calmed. there is no need to remove the ground spikes so setting them up again is not as much work as the initial install.

Are the flags noisy?
It depends on the amount of wind really. In milder weather the flags make only a minimal sound and don’t have the creaking of a ships mast or anything. In stronger winds they can make a louder crackling noise but in truth this adds to the atmosphere and energy of the event as in these situations they really fly!

Returning Flags:

What is the max length of time I can have the flags for?
Each hire price covers 1 week to 10 days.

Can I hire for an entire season?
Yes absolutely. Please get in touch for more information.

Can I return the flags if they are wet?
Yes, we will dry and clean the flags once returned but it is worth noting that the dryer the weather the easier it is to take the flags down after your event.

Would I be charged if any of the flags are damaged or torn?
In the last 7 years of operation we here at Festival Flags understand that rarely an accident or damage may occur. We want you enjoy the memories as much as the event and would deal with this issue as fairly as possible to ensure that your memory is not tarnished. If you have queries regarding this please feel to get in touch.