Purchasing our products

Here at Festival Flags we’re offering you three products: Festival Flags, Event Flags and Bunting. Each of these product is available either to hire or to buy. More and more clients are choosing to get their own unique flags made and have a total or partial input into the designs.

Getting your own range of beautifully designed handcrafted flags is a great way to ensure that whatever your occasion you’re guaranteed to stand out and be remembered.

Festival Flags will be happy to take a brief from you; work out what sizes, quantities, shapes and colours you’re after before setting to work.

If you are interested in purchasing any flags, please get in touch! Our turnaround time is quick and efficient.



The price to buy a custom designed flag is variable. The best way to know more about the exact pricing is to get in touch with us. To give you some estimation of our pricing, you can use the following calculator to select the type of flag, the design, the size, and the quantity you want:

Type of flag

Complexity of the design
Price will increase according to the amount of details, tails, etc.

Size of the flag
We can do any size

Quantity desired
Minimum order is 10 pcs


Our estimate
Get in touch to know more

per flag(including 0% discount)

Printed Flags to buy:

In addition to our custom flags we also offer a range of printed flags that can be branded up with your images and company logo. There are a huge range of sizes and designs to choose from so please download our catalogue from the link below and once you’ve made your selections pop us an email with your design.

If you need a hand with the design then for an additional fee we have a qualified graphic designer to hand that can take your logo and images and get them working for you.

Download our Printed Flags Sales Catalogue

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